There are some instances in your life that you need to celebrate an important event or occasion. For sure, you want this to be memorable. Even more importantly, you need to find a venue that best suits your event needs. Definitely, we can help you with that matter. We can offer you the perfect place where you can have a wonderful experience during your stay there. Meanwhile, to convince you to choose our services, here are some of the truthful testimonies that come from our valued customers.

Truthful testimonies about our services

“The event center in Pharr is truly amazing! I never expected that my dream wedding place would come into reality. Thank you Krystall Event Center, till we meet again! “-James Thomas Smith

“The services are really good. I took a lot of pictures because the place had so many beautiful areas that truly gave a perfect shot. What a great place!” –John Kenner

“Has a neat and organized venue that is perfect for all kinds of occasions and events. The time and money I spent was all worth it. Thank you.” –Anne Stewart

“The views are elegant and can be considered as world class. Definitely, this place is perfect for all types of events. I will suggest the place to my friends to be their next venue for their upcoming events.”-Louise and Garry Jackson

“Everything in the place was perfect. I could not stop taking pictures because there were a lot of beautiful views in the place. It was cool, relaxing and pleasing to the eyes of everyone. It was really awesome!”-Cathy Adams

“I didn’t expect that it would give me a wonderful experience during my wedding day. I truly felt the joy and excitement in the place. It can be considered as a paradise on earth. I saw the beauty of nature in that place.”-Justin Harrison

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